About AAS

Aspire Analytic Solutions LLC Is a New York based research and analysis consultant with expertise in every aspect of research work. We largely focus on quantitative techniques and are specialised in Economics, Econometrics, Statistics and also can provide our expertise for quantitative research in social sciences. 

Aspire implies "To direct one's hope or ambitions to achieve something big". At AAS, we are not only help you to  get your research plan ready but also transform your data into meaningful information and provide insights into your academic.business problems.

Since we have experience in both industry and academia, we also intend to provide hands on training SPSS, Pyton and Excel to working professionals, research scholars and various stakeholders. Similarly, we also provide training on Research methodology, Statistics and computer applications and Econometrics with a blend theory and application that enables you to apply it in your own research work.


  • To provide expertise in research and analytics to both academia and industry alike. 

  • To offer hands-on training on statistical packages and promote the use of open source tools.

  • To provide training in theoretical and practical applications of research methodology, statistics and econometrics.


Develop a technologically advanced research-based learning community connecting academia and industry to systematically discover solutions to prevalent issues in the economy/business/society and make research oriented policy recommendations.