Data Analysis

Are you a Corporate/Company looking to improve your performances, sales and profits and thereby outclass your competitors? Are you worrying over your marketing campaigns not fetching desired results? Whatever be your problem, we have a solution for you. Being a professional data analysis consultant, we bring you more scientific and systematic approach in order to solve your business problems through data analysis.As per studies, data analysis could even improve your business performance up to 70%. We also bring in our expertise in predictive analytics and marketing research. If in case your business  lacks data, we are here to help you out with data collection and related process.


All you need to do is just send us an email and we shall be in touch. Even if you are a small business do not worry. We do have plans specially designed for you. We shall give you a free consultation either through Skype/email/phone, where we discuss your business problems, your objectives, data and  then proceed with the rest of the work.

We charge on a per project basis irrespective of the length of the project. Our initial consultation via phone, email or in-person is absolutely free of cost. We also recode your questionnaire depending on your requirement. We guarantee timely delivery of the projects/works as per our contract. At the initial consultation, we will talk about the direction of the project, the variables under study, the objectives of the study and about the data.By then we will be able to give you the total cost/price quotes for the project. You could make the payments through Credit/Debit/Paypal.


Upon making the  payment, you will have to email us the data, objective questions and other requirements if any.


The following are the glimpses of each phase of a typical data analysis project.



  1. Identifying the objectives and related discussions.

  2. Transferring data

  3. Assessing data and variables understudy and trying to align with the business objectives.

Exploratory Analysis


  1.  Distribution analysis and Exploratory analysis

  2. Uni variate and Bi variate Analysis

  3. Identifying relationships among variables

  4. Data visualization

Data Preparation


  1. Identifying missing and outliers

  2. Imputing missing values and handling outliers

  3. Applying supervised methods to impute missing values

  4. Building predictive models to predict missing values.

  5. Handling Typos if any

Feature Importance
  1. Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

  2. Factor Analysis

  3. Building predictive model to identify important features of a data set.

Variable creation & Transformation​

  1. Creating a new variable based on an existing variable

  2. Creating categorical variables

  3. Variable transformation

Analysis Tools


Applying various analysis tools such as

  1. Regressions

  2. Anova,

  3. t test

  4. z test

  5. Wilcoxon test

  6. Chi Square

  7. Fishers R and much more

Preparing the final  Report

This is the final stage where we prepare a detailed report along with the results and charts and answering the objectives under study.  We shall email you the report.